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About Encare

About Encare New Zealand

We offer scientifically tailored formulas to best meet the needs of people who have health and accurate nutritional needs.

We are committed to developing and producing high-tech products that meet international standards for the improvement of human health. To achieve this, the company has invested heavily in advanced infrastructures and technology to meet the health needs of New Zealand and global customers.


Encare was founded with the mission to enrich people’s life, uplift life quality and health management. At the leading edge of scientific research, Encare admitted to focus and create the most innovated and functional health solutions.

The main features of our products include high-tech, highly-effective and have no side effects. They are our answer to the needs of people seeking a 'back to nature' approach to health and well-being.

Alpha Bio-Tech (NZ) Limited


8 Ha Crescent, Wiri, Auckland 2104

New Zealand



p: +64 9 277 2299

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