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A truly unique immune-supporting supplement made in New Zealand

Our Products

Produced in New Zealand, one of the world’s cleanest natural environments using unrivalled purification technology, we collaborated with the world’s largest collector and processor of bovine serum to create a truly unique immune-supporting supplement.



$119 NZD

ImmuneCare 30caps


$69 NZD

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Learn More About the Benefits

Massey University research is finding ways to help people better look after their digestive health.

The Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceutical Research Centre, a partnership between Massey and the Alpha Group, has produced a technology to improve the shelf-life of probiotics and is investigating the potential benefits of immunoglobulins - proteins which may be able to improve gut health when taken orally.

Check out the full article by clicking on Massey University's logo below.


"ImmuneShield tastes great and I certainly feel great having this. Encare is simply awesome."

- Monique Gladding, Olympic Athlete

Boost Your Immune System

Encare was founded with the mission to enrich people’s life, uplift life quality and health management. At the leading edge of scientific research, we created the most innovated and functional health solutions.

"A new form of immunoglobulin therapy is gaining popularity as an effective solution for hard-to-treat autoimmune and gastrointestinal diseases." - Holistic Primary Care

Find out how serum-derived immunoglobulin therapy benefits autoimmune and provides an effective solution to gastrointestinal diseases by clicking on the button below.


Proudly Made in New Zealand

No place on earth is more renown for clean, healthy living and unspoiled natural landscapes than New Zealand.

New Zealand flair for innovation is also behind Encare's exceptional non-replicability, functionality and efficacy. Here we’ve built close relationships with cutting-edge research institutes who used unsurpassed technology and employ the best talent from New Zealand.

See Our Products' Benefits

For more information on our Encare products, visit the products page for the full information.

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We commit to developing the most innovated health and nutrition solutions. We work in close collaboration with a scientific organisation such as the Riddet Institute and Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceuticals Research Centre institution.

Alpha Bio-Tech (NZ) Limited


8 Ha Crescent, Wiri, Auckland 2104

New Zealand



p: +64 9 277 2299

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