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Scientific Background

Scientific Background

As scientific knowledge in the areas of health continues to expand, we commit to developing the most innovated health and nutrition solutions. We work in close collaboration with a research organisation including Riddet Institute and Alpha-Massey Natural Nutraceuticals Research Centre, both dedicated to discovering and innovating to enhance health and nutrition.

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"Taking fundamental science into actual product and service development for industry thus innovate the New Zealand economy"

Professor Paul Moughan


The Alpha Group- Massey University relationship expanded through the formation of a jointly-named Research Centre. The research carried out at the centre focus on evaluating extracts for biological activity from New Zealand signature fruits such as feijoa, tamarillo, cucurbits and kiwifruit.

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"It's one thing to have knowledge about connection between health and nutrients in a food but using that knowledge to create a new product is an entirely different challenge."

Professor Harjinder Singh


Riddet Institute is a premier scientific research and development centre for food research founded in 2003. The institute is hosted at Massey University Palmerston North Campus and has been awarded the Centre of Research Excellence (CoRE) by the New Zealand Government in 2007. Its areas of expertise lie at the intersection of food materials science, nutrition and human biology.

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